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Welcome to Allen's Books
Welcome to Allen's Books, the place to find great reading
Welcome to Allen's Books, the place to find great reading

A Brief Bio of the Author

A.D. Ray was born Allen Dale Ray in Texas in 1952 and his family moved around the Southwest until 1965 when they moved to central California.  He went to high school and junior college there until he joined the military in 1974.  In college he studied electronics and communications and in the military was a telecommunications specialist.  


During his military tour of duty he served in London England for three years then in Denver where he served as part of NORAD until 1980. After leaving the military he worked in various segments of the communications industry, moving into computers in the early 1990’s.  He then worked as a network administrator, network manager and project manager for the Department of Defense.  He was the Y2K Program Manager for a major agency of the DoD in 1999 and 2000.


Allen’s interest in writing began at a very early age.  He was an avid reader from the time he could hold a book.  Stories about dinosaurs and space travel captured his attention and by age twelve Allen was writing short stories.  He was encouraged in his efforts by his mother who taught him to type and bought him a Remington portable typewriter on which he penned his first attempt at a serious novel.  Until his novel THE MAN FROM CYRENE all his work was in science fiction and avant-garde novels and short stories.  


Now Allen prefers to focus on what he calls the Biblical-Historical Fiction genre, with THE MAN FROM CYRENE published in October 2011 and a second novel published in September of 2012 called A WOMAN CALLED MARY.  Allen's third Christian novel was SONS OF THUNDER published in 2013.


Watch for more exciting work to come from this promising new author.



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