Welcome to Allen's Books
Welcome to Allen's Books
Welcome to Allen's Books, the place to find great reading
Welcome to Allen's Books, the place to find great reading

My Current Project

My next novel will be DAVID: The Shepherd Boy Who Would Be King.  I am not sure yet when I will actually start writing, but I am developing and outline and beginning research on this project.


UPDATE:  I have not yet (Apr 2017) started work on my next project.  It will be put on hold for a year or so, but I will post on my blog and facebook when I get started.  I also will be writing about Moses and the title of that work will be MOSHE:LIBERATOR OF ISRAEL.


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Interviews: GMAP Radio interview of 10-7-2013

XiansAtWork interview of 7-14-14


Kingdom Empowerment Radio Interview 7-29-2015:https://soundcloud.com/2011scribe/donna-ghanney-interviews-autho



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I always love to hear from my readers. Please don't hesitate to contact me at 2011scribe@gmail.com.

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Xians On Fire

Read about how other Christians take their faith to the workplace and beyond!

Mike Annett at XOFire and Xians at Work helps us to understand the importance of being Christ's ambassadors in the most trying of places - at work.

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