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Welcome to Allen's Books
Welcome to Allen's Books, the place to find great reading
Welcome to Allen's Books, the place to find great reading

Published Works by A.D. Ray


TO WALK THOSE DUSTY ROADS- A companion book to the Life and Times series of novels; THE MAN FROM CYRENE, A WOMAN CALLED MARY and SONS OF THUNDER.


THE MAN FROM CYRENE- The story of Simon of Cyrene who helped Jesus carry the Cross- how this one day changed his whole life and the lives of those around him.

A WOMAN CALLED MARY- Mary Magdalene- prostitue, adulteress or saint?


SONS OF THUNDER- Jesus nicknamed the Apostles James and John the sons of thunder.  Why did He call them that?


INITIAL CONTACT- Earth is visited by a benevolent space-faring culture then comes under attack by the "bad guys".


ORPHEUS- Earth goes spinning out of orbit


A VERY PERSONAL DEMON- One night in the life of an insomniac


WELCOME TO MY WORLD- A police woman falls out of love with her job and in love with a truck driver


A COMPENDIUM OF STORIES BY A.D. RAY- A collection of various stories written by A.D. Ray over his writing career



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