Welcome to Allen's Books
Welcome to Allen's Books
Welcome to Allen's Books, the place to find great reading
Welcome to Allen's Books, the place to find great reading

When we were taught Bible stories in Sunday School or Vacation Bible School we were not taught to read between the lines and dig out the "back story", to place ourselves in the scene and feel what the people of that day felt, see what they saw. There is so much more there than what got written on the page.


It is my purpose, my aim, to intrigue readers, spark their curiosity, and entice them to get into the Bible and see how much more is there, how much they have missed.


Read my books to get a feel for the era and people, experience the events of the times.


Click on the link in the left sidebar to see a list of my books. All my books are available for Nook and Kindle readers.


Don't have an e-reader? No problem! Free Nook and Kindle apps are available for MAC, PC, Android, I-phone and I-pad. Turn your computer or device into an e-reader in seconds and explore the exciting world of e-books.


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I also have written some secular works, from science fiction to romance to avant-garde. For something a little different take a look at some of these.



See a list of upcoming readings.


Interviews: GMAP Radio interview of 10-7-2013

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Kingdom Empowerment Radio Interview 7-29-2015:https://soundcloud.com/2011scribe/donna-ghanney-interviews-autho



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I always love to hear from my readers. Please don't hesitate to contact me at 2011scribe@gmail.com.

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Xians On Fire

Read about how other Christians take their faith to the workplace and beyond!

Mike Annett at XOFire and Xians at Work helps us to understand the importance of being Christ's ambassadors in the most trying of places - at work.

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